Demain, je te mangerai

Demain, je te mangerai

Language of text : French
Type of text : story book
Author or source : Ramadier & Bourgeau
Intended age of students : Key Stage 1/2 or even KS3
Source reference : 978-2-211-20606-8/05.2012

Approaches :

This picture book can be read as a treat to a class of any age really at the end of a lesson or you could spend a few lessons exploiting the language in it.

Rationale :
I want to use it because it is a fun story with an unexpected twist at the end : the wolf looks like a big bad wolf but somehow does not want to eat any of the animals/humans which he meets along the way and we find out why on the last page ! I’ll not spoil it for you !

Outcomes :
Your pupils/children will really enjoy this story because it is original yet easy and repetitive. It also introduces them to French handwriting.

Topics or themes :
This book can be used to help teach or reinforce animals and the noises they make in French. It also refers to various fairy tales with a wolf in them.

Grammar :
You can also read this story as an introduction to the future tense, the imperfect, pronouns (objects), quantifiers and adjectives.

Strategies :
Children would really enjoy acting out this story : it is a short one so it wouldn’t take very long and can potentially involve 15 pupils ! (15 characters !)

How much time required :
Between 5 minutes and a few lessons depending on how much you want to get from it.

Nadine Chadier from Accent Languages has found this link to give you a taste of the story and recommends other books by the same authors!

Have fun with it!

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