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Vèzmô la sorcière

I wrote a blog about this book 2 years ago but it got lost when I changed over my website... Luckily part of it was saved in the ALL Literature Wiki, where I also share nearly all my blogs. Check it out here, it is a treasure trove of texts in other languages and how…
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Le mur

This is the last book I bought in the summer of 2019... but what a beautiful and important story to share with our children! Click here to watch me show you inside it and introduce it! Language of text: French Type of text: picture book Author or source: Giancarlo Macri, Carolina Zanotti, Sacco & Vallarino, published by…
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Say hello!

WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK WITH LITTLE LINGUIST BY CLICKING HERE! It only takes a few seconds. Closing date: the end of the 18th September! I cannot quite remember how I came across this lovely short story but am glad I did! Click here to watch a short video of me showing you inside…
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I really need to start making a note of how I acquire my books, because this is another great little story that I have bought/been given second-hand but I am not sure where... You can still buy it though so that is the main thing! (see link at the bottom of the page) Click here…
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