Chapeau rond rouge

Here is another book by someone I got the privilege to meet in Paris in December 2016; you can see Geoffroy de Pennart with Mini Miss Paris below! I am a big fan of both his illustrations and his sense of humour; not all his stories are accessible to learners of French as a second language but this one is.

Chapeau rond rouge

Chapeau rond rouge

Language of text: French
Type of text: picture book
Author or source: Geoffroy de Pennard
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 9782211084758

This is a remake of Little Red Riding Hood in French, le Petit Chaperon Rouge... it is much funnier than the original though! The little girl is not scared, the wolf gets knocked over by grandma in her car... I will not reveal it all though!
I would ensure that the children are totally familiar with the original story (be it in French or in English) then share this version with them. I would regularly stop and ask them to try to predict what is going to happen. I don’t think they will guess it right but it will be fun!
You could read it again and get the children to keep a tally of how many times the words loup/chien/galette etc are mentioned.

I want to use this story book because it will entertain the children but also it opens up lots of opportunities for using the text. You could write with the children a comparison of the 2 stories, eg dans le Petit chaperon Rouge, le loup est méchant; dans le Petit Chapeau Rond Rouge le loup est… gentil.

The students will be exposed to a higher level of French and will need to use the pictures to work out what the story is. Then the teacher can simplify the story for them and give each pupil (or group of pupils) a sentence from it to illustrate. Finally the pupils’ challenge will be to stick their sentences and illustrations on the wall in chronological order.

Topics or themes:
Fairy tales

Adjectives: the pupils can get given the text and have to go on an adjective search

How much time required:

1-3 lessons

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