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Are you looking for an authentic Easter story which will make your children smile? This is it! Bonus: I have met its author and she is adorable!

Click it to start by watching on my YouTube channel a short video of me introducing the story.

Language of text: French

Author or source: Bénédicte Guettier; Gallimard jeunesse, Giboulées

Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: 9782070657544


This is the irresistible story of Trotro egg hunting with his little sister on Easter morning. When I 1st read it, I ask the children to keep a tally of how many times they hear the key words “oeuf/oeufs” (I tell them about the difference in pronunciation and the “e dans l’o” though I don’t know how to do it on here ha) and “chocolat”. The second time, they can try to work out what actually happens in the story and what his little sister keeps putting in her basket… not Easter eggs! I will then do some dictionary work: get the children to look up the main vocabulary items from the story (see this document Easter with Trotro and Latin) then look for extra things they may also find in the garden, in French.

I think it is important to choose an authentic story to talk about Easter; you would not find a picture of bells bringing eggs in a book translated from English! This one is therefore perfect: cute, clear and cultural. It also gets you and your children to think about what you might find in your garden whilst looking for eggs. All in all this is a fantastic story!

The children will enjoy an authentic fun story about Easter which they will be able to relate to if they have contact with little ones. It can be used to develop their dictionary skills and think about what they may find in a garden whilst looking for eggs. Little ones can decorate eggs like Trotro’s on paper.

Topics or themes:
Easter; cooperation

The imperative

You can buy it here from Little Linguist.

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There is more on how you can exploit this book and many other Trotro stories here. Noelia, ALL’s Primary Languages Teacher of the Year 2017, is also a Trotro fan and has kindly agreed for me to share her blog with you here: she tells you about many of his stories and what she has done with them. There are so lovely photos too!