Le loup qui découvrait le pays des contes

"Nathalie, who is one of your facourite picture book characters?", I hear you ask... Unless you know me... then you know at least one answer... Here he is in another adventure!!

Le loup qui découvrait le pays des contes

Language of text: French
Type of text: Myths and Legends or Fairy Tales
Author or source: Orianne Lallemand / Eléonore Thuillier; published by Auzou
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 9782733833322

This is the story of Loup the day he decided to make a cake and came across several fairy tales characters who each helped him to get the ingredients together... in a very clever way!!
I have used this story with Y4 as we were talking about fairy tales and I had decided to make use of the cookery room in school... this story was just perfect!! We used puppets for the different characters in each fairy tale and real cake ingredients which we learnt about as we read through the story over 2 lessons. We made the cake using the recipe from the book (in French) in the 3rd lesson.

Even though the language in this story is difficult, I used it with Y4 and it worked because it is funny when certain characters are scared (or not when they should be!) of the wolf and he has to work so hard for his ingredients. The pupils can relate to the familiar faces and enjoy waiting for the next twist!
It could be an opportunity to share with the children Grimm's story of the wolf and the seven young kids which they might not be familiar with. Another fantastic story (a rewritten version of the wolf and the seven young kids) which I have also used before it this one:

Le loup qui découvrait le pays des contes

Children will realise that they can understand about fairy tales in French and will learn what they are called as well as learn about ingredients and how to follow a recipe in another language. This book has been the basis of one of my most successful projects.

Topics or themes:
Fairy tales, food, cooking, animals

You could use it to reinforce any grammar point you like as there is so much language in this story! I would personally maybe focus on adjectives and the imperfect tense.

How much time required:

3 lessons

There are lots of resources on Bout de Gomme to exploit this book, some of which I have used myself. There are also great resources in this blog here... there are many more on the net so if this isn't enough for you just do a search and you will be spoilt for choice!!

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Enjoy this and please do let me know in the comments below if you use it!

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