Le loup qui voyageait dans le temps

Le loup qui voyageait dans le temps

This book is perfect to link French to popular topics in primary schools in the UK (eg dinosaurs, the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, space) or to teach about French history to your pupils. There is a fun storyline, as always with Loup!

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Language of text: French
Type of text: picture book
Author or source: Orianne Lallemand, Eléonore Thuillier, published by Auzou
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 9782733827208

This is the story of the day Loup finds a magic book with which he travels back in time: from pre-historic times through to the 20th Century, the children learn a lot with him... and laugh at him!
In the past, I have used it in 2 main different ways: focus on a double-page only, to help cover a class topic (eg Ancient Egypt); read the whole book for a lesson or 2 based on the history of France and the world.

This book is very rich from both a cultural and from a linguistic point of view. It reminds children of some of the main events in world history which they hopefully are aware of; it also gives them some historical knowledge specific to France: Louis XIV, the French Revolution.
From a language point of you, it is rich in cognates, which makes it accessible, with appropriate questioning. You can also use it, should you want to, to introduce very specific vocabulary.

The children will be learning about and be reminded of key eras in the history of humankind in general and France in particular. Through Loup's adventures, this will be done in an entertaining way.
An adapted version of the timeline in the inside cover of the book can be made by the children: either they each do their own or the class is divided into groups and each group is given an era to focus on, for a class display.

Topics or themes:
topic work (dinosaurs, the Stone Age/the Ice age, Ancient Egypt, the Romans, comparison with the Tudors, space); cultural and historical knowledge; le 14 juillet / la Révolution Française

any you would like to highlight; the text is rich and challenging

How much time required:
1-2 lessons

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You can find really interesting resources (crosswords, wordsearches and more) to go with this story by clicking here for the bout de gomme website; on the site La classe de Sanléane here, you will find links to develop each era in more depth. There is so much in there you will be spoilt for choice!

Do you have a book about French history which you use with your children and would recommend? Please tell me about it in the comments! Merci!

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