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I cannot actually remember when I bought this book or where from, but I know I always love a new book by Bénédicte Guettier… You can even see here the list of her books which I have written about already! This one is a big and beautiful book… which I accidentally found out even glows in the dark! I love it even more now!

You can watch an introduction to this story on my YouTube channel here before you read more about it!

Language of text: French
Type of text: picture book
Author : Bénédicte Guettier chez Casterman
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 9782203006928

This is the story of a ghost that wants to be seen, because without it he feels ignored and he feels that he does not fit in anywhere.
It is a beautiful story which could be read around Halloween (or at any time really!).
You can read it a little bit at a time and get the children to join in with actions to show what is happening in the story.
You may then extract from the story the words which you want the children to be able to recognise and know, do some work on them then see if the children can spot them when you read the story out again, a page at a time.

It is a lovely story to use to get the children to think about fitting in.
The illustrations are very clear, which makes it easy for younger children to work out what is happening. In addition the language is rich, which mean you can exploit it more deeply, as suggested above.
It can be used around Halloween without being directly about Halloween.

It is a particulalrly good story to focus on key words and talk about nouns (like télé, feuilletons) and adjectives (like triste, vide, visible) in French.
The story contains a lot of vocabulary which the children may be familiar with, to do with daily routine and activities.
For older children, as it is written mostly in the imperfect tense, you may use it to reinforce this grammar point.

Topics or themes:
Halloween; relationships

nouns and adjectives; the imperfect tense; any grammar point of your choice

How much time required:
1 lesson or split the story over several lessons

You can read about it on the Casterman website and buy it here on

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What is YOUR favourite story about ghosts?