Petit Ours Brun en vacances chez ses grands-parents

Petit Ours Brun en vacances chez ses grands-parents

I was kindly donated this story (and a few others) by bayard jeunesse after I published and sent to them my blog on "Petit Ours Brun veut une histoire" (click here to check it out)... they pointed out to me that they had new more up-to-date editions of Petit Ours Brun stories and offered some to me. They did not ask for anything in return, so it did make me feel special! My other books were from when my son Max was little... he is now nearly 19 ha ha!

Before you read this blog, you can see a little of the story in this short video of me introducing it. Click here!

Language of text: French
Type of text: picture book
Author or source: Hélène Serre & Danièle Bour, published by bayard jeunesse
Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2
Source reference: 9782747057349

This is the lovely story of the day Petit Ours Brun gets dropped off at this grandparents' for a holiday.
Looking at the front cover, I want to ask children if they can work out what the story is about. Hopefully they will guess what "grands-parents" means and maybe even link "vacances" to "vacancies" and "vacation".

This book is perfect before the summer break, for children who may be insecure about having to spend time away from their parents, but it could be used before any time off school. You can use it as a treat, just to tell a story in French, and to lead to a discussion about how it is ok to feel excited and scared if you are going to be away form your parents or carers.
You can also use it to exploit language about family members or the grammar points highlighted below.
I really like the fact that it is the dad that drops Petit Ours Brun off, and not stereotypically the mum. I also like that he cries, as it reminds us that it is ok for bears (and boys) to cry.
From a cultural point of view... everything is well at the end at the grandma offers to make crêpes with Petit Ours Brun! It could have been the grandad as well...

You can spend time with your older children just looking at the word "grands-parents": how it is hyphenated in French, how "grands" has an "s" at the end of it (ajectival agreement).
The children will enjoy this simple story and reflecting on what it means.

Topics or themes:
family members; separation anxiety for younger children; it is ok to cry, even when you are a boy and older

adjectival agreement (grands-parents, nouvelles chaussures, vieux lit); possessive adjectives: son/sa/ses; you can also focus on the verbs in the story

How much time required:
up to 1 lesson

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What is YOUR favourite Petit Ours Brun story?

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