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The good:

  • It is beautiful
  • It is fun to play in
  • It saves you money on shopping trips and petrol
  • You can catch up on jobs in the house or plan ahead with work
  • It is lovely and warm inside
  • You can see people helping each other more than they normally might

The bad:

  • It isn’t so beautiful when it starts melting
  • If you don’t like getting cold and wet (like me!) it is no fun to play in
  • It might cost you more in bus fares and takeaways
  • You may get behind with work if you need to be somewhere you can’t get to or have little ones to entertain
  • The house gets messier with more people in and out of it
  • You might end up with no gas or electricity, or your heating could break down…
  • There are some people who never help anyone else out even though they could

The ugly:

  • You just get sick of it and want life to get back to normal
  • If you are vulnerable (eg elderly, ill, homeless), it is even colder and lonelier than normal
  • You might (like me) suffer a loss in earnings
  • It is dangerous out there: a friend of mine broke his collarbone sledging
  • The house is mucky from all the goings in and out
  • There is a lot of extra washing
  • If you have young children, they may be hard to keep entertained

Please let me know what you would add to this list! I hope things go back to normal for everyone soon! As normal as it ever gets anyway!!