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You will find below a record of some of what we shared in our meet up on Monday 12th March… as well as fresh homemade brioche! Will you join us for more next time?
We discussed schemes of work; more about this here.
We looked at the latest ALL news and advice including assessment : Primary Hubs Roadshow February 2018 Final
We shared our favourite activities:

  • story: “Le navet énorme”
  • song: “Tête épaules genoux et pieds”
  • project: research French food at home. It enables to pupils’ imaginations to run wild and produces some amazing and surprising results!
  • games: 1) someone at the front asks a question, their back to the class; someone in the class answers it but disguising their voice; the person at the front has to guess who it is; 2) 5 cops are sent outside, 5 robbers are chosen in the class who get given a wrong anser to a set question; when the cops come back in they have to go round asking the set question to try to find out who the robbers are; 3) a couple of pupils are sent out; a secret person is chosen in the class with a secret sign which will tell the teacher when to change the item of vacabulary practised (choral repetition) with the flashcards; when the pupils are brought in, they have a set time to find out who that secret person is.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or you would like to share your favourite activity and I will add it to the list!