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Every day is Book Day as far as I am concerned… but I still love an excuse for everyone to celebrate books. Here are my books about books!

NEW in 2023: free resources based on a book called “Tu lis quoi ?”. Click here to check them out!

UPDATE IN 2021: I have recorded 2 stories of my own, in English but they could also be used as part of World Book Day as they highlight similarities and differences between France and the UK! Click here to check them out.

NEW IN 2022! “Le livre” – yes, it is all about “the book”! it includes its history and how it is made now. Click here to find out more about it!

  • “J’aime les livres”

There are so many kinds of books you are bound to like at least one of them! Which is your favourite type? Click here for ideas on how you may use this story in class and lots of resources to help you do this!

  • “Tu lis où?”, Géraldine Collet & Magali Le Huche, Éditions p’titGlénat

Where do YOU read? Find out what these children’s favourite places to read are. They all rhyme with their names and there is a twist at the end! This is suitable for children of all ages. Click here for ideas on how you may exploit this story and watch a short video introducing it.

  • “Le loup qui n’aimait pas lire”, Orianne Lallemand & Éléonore Thuillier, Editions Auzou

Find out more about what you can do with this book and watch a full reading of it, in my blog; click here to check it out!

  •  “Petit ours brun veut une histoire”, Danièle Bour, chez Bayard Jeunesse

Petit Ours Brun is more of a traditional character; this story is very sweet. What is not to like about a little bear wanting his dad to read a story to him? They enjoy it together and Petit Ours Brun asks for his dad to read it again at the end of course!
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Merci !