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I only noticed this book because it fell off one of the carousels on Le Bibliobook last week… but if I could only keep one poetry book from my bus, this is it! And not just because it talks about chocolate ha ha!

The author of those amazing poems has her own youtube channel where you can find some of her chocolate poems and more!! It is therefore ideal even if you don’t feel 100% confident reading poetry out loud. On Corinne’s website, you can also choose a poem by its theme and download as a PDF. What are you waiting for?

Language of text: French
Type of text: Poems
Author or source: Corinne Albaut
Intended age of students: Key Stages 2/3/4
Source reference: 9782742713318


Whatever you can do with poems… you can do with these! Share one with your class, recite it as a class/in assembly, recite it individually, act it out, analyse the language in it, the sounds, the ryhmes, write own version… the list is endless!!

The poems in this book are simple enough to be able to use them easily with KS2, KS3 and even KS4 pupils but have challenging enough language in them for them to get a lot out of them! They are also full of cultural references.
Any of the poems would be fab to celebrate National Poetry Day, this year on Thursday 28th September 2017… could be combined with the European Day of Languages on 26th!

The children will, as in stories, see familiar language in context, be exposed to superfluous language, enjoy listening to and working on the sounds, memorising the lines.. and more!

Topics or themes:
Food; Easter, Christmas, family, time of day, tooth fairy (or rather mouse), saying how you are feeling

Any of your choice based on the poem of your choice!

How much time required:
A lesson at a time several times a year!

If you want to buy this collection of poems, you can get it second-hand from Amazon.

You can also find more nursery rhymes about chocolate on

For more ideas of poems in French and Spanish, read here.

What is YOUR favourite poem about chocolate?