Coupe du monde féminine de la FIFA, France 2019 / Women’s World Cup

As a qualified FA coach as well as a languages teacher, I feel that our pupils need to know about the women's world cup, taking place in France, and we can use it to do so much in our classrooms! 

I hope this will help raise awareness of the sport. When I told my Y6 pupils today that the FIFA World Cup was starting on Friday, they made fun of me, not a single one of them realised what I meant! One could not help comment that football was not a sport for girls... so we still have work to do as teachers! 

Do you know of any others interesting resources? Please do mention them in the comments below and I will add them to this blog! Merci! Et que la meilleure gagne!!

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  1. Serena Dawson

    Thank you for those links Nathalie. Here are a couple more that I have found.
    Short clip with figures re Women’s World Cup (in French)
    I’m planning on doing some numeracy work around this.

    Nike Dream Further – ad for Women’s World Cup 2019
    I absolutely love this Nike advert for the World Cup.

    • Nathalie

      Thank you so much Serena for sharing those! I will add them now, with your name next to them of course! Have a great week!

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