French Pop Video competition

2020 DEADLINE: 3rd April

Click here for more details about the competition! There are some great prizes to be won, like an ipad etc!

I am privileged enough to have been asked to deliver some FREE workshops to support schools in the North East with their entries; Suzi Bewell is delivering some in the York area too. Do get in touch with either of us if you think we could help you!

Click here for the French pop video presentation that I am using in my workshops.

Documents: I-DevinezLaRimeĀ  J-StructureDeLaChanson K-MaChanson

In the 1st workshop, here are the steps we took:

  • we listened to the tune that the music teacher had created for the class. (tip if you do not have your own tune: rapping is probably the most accessible style of music)
  • we had a vote to decide the parts which the whole class was going to sing and the parts that were open to solos; you may want to consider doing a round too, in groups
  • some topics were suggested and the class voted for the one they wanted their song to be about
  • we looked at rimes - then decided we were not going to have any (again, they voted, giving them ownershp of the song all along)
  • we split the class into small groups/tables and each group wrote, in English, some words/phrases that they wanted in the song
  • we shared our ideas and selected the most popular ones (vote/show of hands again)
  • the children were introduced to , each table was allocated some items of vocabulary to look up and they found them using tablets
  • we gathered all our ideas, in French
  • we started ordering them and putting them to our tune

All this was done in an hour. It was amazing!

If you have any questions, please do ask in the comments below so everyone can see them and read them too!

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