French Teachers’ Day 2019

Click here for the presentation I have shown: version to show French Teachers' Day 5 October 2019 phonics

Click here for my presentation plus extra links and notes: French Teachers' Day 5 October 2019 phonics

For all presentations from the day, on IF Profs (register for free) click below:

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Below are some of my takeaways!

French Teachers' Day 2019

Have you registered with IFprofs yet? It is a free network of French teachers around the world!

French Teachers' Day 2019

Are you using the Primary French Project? If not (yet), check it out here: it is a free scheme of work for non-specialist (specialists can use it too!) teachers in England!

French Teachers' Day 2019

The Culturethèque website has so many resources available to you, including many picture books! Check it out!

French Teachers' Day 2019

Do you fancy going to Montpellier with your pupils or by yourslef to upskill? Then check out this website and get in touch with them!

French Teachers' Day 2019

I was totally inspired by Catherine Cheater to try the Primary French Project scheme of work (mine needed updated): I am so glad I did, my pupils and I love it!

French Teachers' Day 2019

I got to see Nadine Chadier in action in her schools and her work truly is inspiring. Here are her top tips for CLIL; she also has a Pinterest board with her school Rhodes Avenue which you will want to check out here, including many links to songs relevant to our primary curriculum.

French Teachers' Day 2019

Julie reminded us about what a faboulus resource TV5 Monde is for learners and for teachers at all ages and levels. We focused on cartoons for primary school children; they have activities to go with them, and you can download the great resource pack 1,2,3, Tivi5 Monde, all for free, here!

It was a fantastic day, and it is hard to give it justice... Please tell me below if you were there and you think I have forgotten something crucial or would like to add somethign about different workshops! Merci!

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