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This video is the 4th in a series of videos of nursery rhymes in French. It can be found on my YouTube channel. Thanks for helping me reach over 100 subscribers with this video!
This one (click here for the video) is the French equivalent of Incy Wincy Spider in English.
Click here for more about this nursery rhyme: l’araignee Gypsie
How do my videos differ from other videos you can watch on YouTube? They were made with YOU in mind: either as a teacher of French to little ones, or as a parent who is keen for their child(ren) to learn French.
I enunciate the words very clearly so it is easy to copy them (no need to slow down the video!). The words to the rhyme are displayed in the video so you and the children can read them, should you want to. It comes with a translation of the words in English, great if you are not a French specialist. It also comes with extra background info and ideas on how you can exploit the video (see document below).
l’araignee Gypsie translation, ideas, extra info
What else would help you make the most out of this video? Please do tell me in the comments below and I will see what I can do.

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