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This is not a novel idea, I know, but it works for my pupils and me and I am always looking for creative ways to make it interesting and motivating for them.
So I take my 2 mascots, Mini Miss Paris and Pablo, abroad with me and take photos of them. I am lucky because I get to go to France 3 times a year to see family so I come back with lots of pictures. I normally look for cultural opportunities but so many end up being about food (well of course!) that I have done something different this time.
Over Easter 2018, I wanted to do something different, so this presentation is called “where are Mini Miss Paris and Pablo?”. I took the photos and put them into a presentation with 3 possible answers. The pupils and I read each question and the possible answers then they had a class vote on it. If the majority voted for the correct answer, the class got the point; if they got it wrong, I got the point. I am happy to announce that I lost every time! As we went along, we made a note in our books of the key words I wanted them to remember. There was so much detective work and active learning going on! Next time I will take trickier and more close up photos to make it harder for the children and photos from the distance so they can see the bigger picture once they have voted as well.
It keeps my brain active when am on holiday too and people around me, including my own children (even though my daughter occasionally walks away from me in embarassment when I get my toys out) love to contribute their ideas!
ou sont mini miss paris and pablo higher
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What do you do with your mascots? Please share your ideas in the comments box below!
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