Nattalingo’s natter – episode 11

Nattalingo's natter

The show aims to support anyone who teaches languages to children up to the age of 13. You will find out about Nathalie's own experiences in the classroom, learn new ideas to support language teaching and listen to interviews with other languages specialists and practitioners.

In this episode I talk about:

  • coping with an awkward situation in the classroom
  • the things I feel we (personally or our schools) should be prepared to pay for (3'25)
  • BONUS: a teaching track to listen to with your pupils (15'13'')

Useful links

How would you have dealt with the situation described at the beginning of this podcast?

What do you think is worth paying for to support your teaching?

Which books about teaching languages can you recommend?

Please answer in the comments below!

2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I’ve had a child tell me ‘I can count in Irish’ then proceed to count ‘one, two, tree…’ I couldn’t argue that this was in an Irish accent but it wasn’t Gaelic!

    Funny things are always happening in class. This week a Y4 came up to me during our dictionary lesson. They’d been given a love heart with me gusta in the centre and had to fill it with things they liked. He’d drawn a seal but was a bit concerned ‘Miss. A seal is called the f word in Spanish. I’m worried I’ll see one on holiday and get into trouble!’ I said it’s not the f word in Spanish, it just sounds like it to English ears, and that he’d be fine as I doubt he’ll see a seal! He was genuinely worried that I’d be cross but I told him I was proud of him applying his phonics! And I reassured him that some words just sound funny in other languages. Like Vater and Grosvater. Another child then said ‘my dad is a gross farter though!’

    • Nathalie

      That’s hillarious!! Especially the “gross farter” bit of course ha ha! Thank you so much for sharing those stories, it is much appreciated! I also love that you congratulated the child for appplying their phonics. Positivity and smiles all around!

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