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As we are approaching half-term where I am, in England…

Well, I have another cold sore… even though I have not done any kissing, promise!!
It must be all the work I have put into my new website: I wanted something easier for you to navigate. Please tell me what you think! Click here for the home page (it is worth it just for the silent video haha) or click here for the section dedicated to schools.
Below are blogs I feel you will find useful, as ever, and underneath are amazing training opportunities and free resources I have come across. Do check them out so you don’t miss out!
I wish you all the best. Enjoy the break if you are due one.
A la prochaine !

Click here for French stories that would be great to use around Halloween!
Click here for my latest French book recommendation, or click above for a video introducing it!
Click here from Saturday 17th October at 2.50pm for my presentation about songs, stories and rhymes, at the ALL Primary Languages Online Conference. 

Great opportunities for training and free resources which I wanted to share:

I hope you find all this useful. If not, you can unsubscribe at any time below.
Good luck with the month ahead!

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