The Day of the Dead

Here are the activities I have used today! No prep - high impact. Thank you Clare Seccombe for your Lighbulb Languages Resources and Rockalingua for the song!!

  1. Give to the children a copy of this worksheet which I have prepared (or display on board): sheet to go with Rockalingua song
  2. Go through the questions to make sure they know what to do
  3. Play this great Rockalingua song a 1st time (the 1st one on the page)
  4. Play the song again, strategically pausing it this time to allow time for the children to write their answers
  5. Go through the answers together
  6. Let the children sing along to the song (and dance?!)
  7. Give out copies of this lovely Lightbulb Languages resource which allows to compare Halloween with the Day of the Dead (alternatively, the children can draw the circles int heir books and the vocab can be displayed on the board)
  8. Give the children time to fill in the circles
  9. Discuss possible answers together
  10. Give out this beautiful Lightbulb Languages bookmark for the children to colour in and take home

Voilà! My pupils loved it and I hope yours will too!

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