Visit to Saint Jérôme’s CofE Bilingual Primary School

Click here to watch a video of me telling a story to some of the children there - their reaction is priceless!

I had the privilege of visiting St Jérôme's on Thursday 3rd October 2019, thanks to Nadine Chadier's kind invitation as she knew I was travelling to London.

I absolutely loved the school from when I walked in: I was made to feel so welcome by all staff and pupils! It had a really caring feel to it too.

What impressed me even most though, as a language teacher, was the children's keenness and ability to communicate in French and manipulate the language. Nadine had to tell me twice not to use gestures or make it too easy for the children as I did not realise just how much they would be able to cope with!

In Y2, I was tickled by a child who volunteered: "La Tour Eiffel est sur Jupiter" - he was deliberately saying something to amuse us in French! Nadine told me they often do this.
The children were so good at answering questions, even based on a story which I shared with them and that they were not familiar with.

I was also impressed with the questions that the children were asking: for example in Y3 I was asked: "Il y a combien de livre dans le bus?" He had only just found out that I had a library bus. My pupils could not do that!

In Reception, it was lovely to see all the children singing, and doing so confidently whilst enjoying themselves.

In all classes, the pupils were keen to listen to my stories and take part.

So all in all, I loved my visit and just want to say... bravo St Jérôme, keep up the good work and merci!

Find out more about this amazing school by clicking here.

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