EDoL 2017

I wanted to share with you the ALL NE's annual competition in which my pupils and I took part. You can open the details here: it was all about Martin Luther King Jr and our pupils' dreams, very inspiring! You obviously can't take part in the competition anymore but you most certainly will enjoy it as an activity. To help you introduce the competition to your primary school pupils, I have put a presentation together (here); it can be adapted for older pupils too.

I also decided to focus on the Polish language as I have Polish children in the 3 schools where I teach weekly. They loved how it raised the profile of their home language and really got involved! You will find here the links to the activities about Polish which I used  There is now the amazing Polish Language and Culture Education Pack from the British Council to offer more ideas as well.

Find out below, for further inspiration:

What is YOUR favourite European Day of Languages activity?

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