EDOL 2019

European Day of Languages 2019 will be upon us soon!

You will most certainly want to take part in this competition run by ALL NE: European Day of Languages 2019 final. One year a Y5 pupil of mine won a £50 high street voucher. She was very proud and it was in the papers! Your pupils CAN win too!

I was lucky enough to be allocated a grant again so I could do extra activities in my Monday and Tuesday schools. Here is the lesson plan and suggested activities which I submitted: edol-2019-plan . I have found and produced (as well as a colleague of mine, thanks Lynne) the following resources to accompany it: EDOL Caillou prend l avion planning and resources airport jobs airport to photocopy . Please get in touch if you want more details about it!

You can also read below, for further inspiration:

What are YOU planning to do this year for the European Day of Languages? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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