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I am not actually sure where I acquired this book. However it is a fab one for older children, I would say 11 and above, or native speakers. Enjoy!
Language of text: French
Type of text: picture book
Author or source: Marie-Anne Boucher, Rémi Hamoir, published by Les petits Gautier
Intended age of students: Key Stage 3 – 11-14
Source reference: 9782013914987

This is a mouse’s version of why we in France celebrate Epiphany with a “galette des rois” and a “fève” inside it – you will need to separate the fiction from the facts! It is a lot of fun.
There is a simple and easy-to-follow recipe at the back of the book which you could work on reading with your students… and if you are lucky even use to make a galette!
If you choose to read the whole story, you can give the challenge of keeping a tally of how many times the words “souris” and “galette” are mentioned for instance – or any words or phrases that you have chosen to focus on. You could also read a double page at a time and check after each one what the children have understood.
You can focus on a double page of your choice and get the children to listen out for cognates, as there are many in this story.
This is a great story for older pupils or native speakers. The language in it is more challenging than most of the stories I use – but it is still accessible and very entertaining.
It gets the children thinking about another version of what might have happened – I am sure they can think of their own versions too! It will challenge them to separate the facts from the fiction. You could write some sentences for them, in French, and let them decide which are “true” and which are from this story… you could even come up with some “facts” of your own!
We can work closely on pages 5 and 6, which tell the real story of the 3 Kings. The children can read it themselves and find the names of the kings in French as well as what their presents are called, alongside other related vocabulary. It is a great double page for dictionary and translation work.
Topics or themes:
Multicultural understanding: Epiphany on 6th January
Anything that you wish as the text is so rich; particularly good for the imperfect tense
How much time required:
1 lesson
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What is your favourite story or text to use with older pupils to tell them about Epiphany? Please share it in the comments below!
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