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National Poetry Day in England  is a good excuse to look at some poetry in other languages! I had a realisation back in 2008 when I taught literacy to a Y7 class and I had them for National Poetry Day; for some reason I decided to take my most precious book into school (see below) and I recited to them (from memory) “La flûde” by Jean Richepin. The whole class of children whose literacy in English was low (old level 3 in England) listened to me attentively then clapped!! Such is the power of poetry. Since then, I have always celebrated it, often in different ways. You will find below my go-to poetry books in French and Spanish!

The following 3 books I have written blogs about:


Comptines en chocolat

Mots polissons pour attraper les sons


Mes premiers poèmes

More ideas:

Marie-Odile Guillou uses poems and even writes her own in French; she has kindly agreed fo rme to share her YouTube channel with you, so click here to check it out!

Above is a lovely collection of rhymes and finger rhymes, most of them relating to the family, some well-known, some unusual… All in all a great little collection!


For Spanish poems for children, most of you will be aware am sure of Gloria Fuertes’s work. The 2 above as the collections I bought when in Santander in October 2017 thanks to Erasmus+. I love them!

What are YOUR favourite poems in a language other than English?