P’tit loup fête Pâques

P'tit loup fête Pâques


Closing date: Tuesday 17th March 2020

If you are looking for a story in French about Easter that also includes French traditions on Easter Sunday, then you will like this book!

Click here to look at the inside of the book and give you a good idea what it is about in a very short video on my YouTube channel!

Language of text: French
Type of text: picture book
Author or source: Orianne Lallemand, Eléonore Thuillier, published by Auzou
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 9782733827727

After the children have looked at the cover and guessed it is about Easter, I give them a detective's challenge: what happens in France on Easter Sunday? What shapes can the chocolate be in? You need to point out to them that the bells (les cloches) bring the chocolate to the children in French!
On second reading, the challenge is to keep a tally of the words "oeuf", "oeufs" (different pronunciations for boths), "chocolat", and "Pâques".
You can then agree with the children on some actions to represent those words... and they can say the words when you stop the story and do a certain action, thus helping you tell the story.
If your children know clothes in French, they can try to spot them; same with animals and fruit & vegetable.

This story is great to introduce or reinforce words and phrases relating to Easter in France, and to talk about the traditions. It is well illustrated and clear, but also challenging enough for older children (late primary school age).

Through this story, the children will learn French vocabulary relating to Easter and will find out about Easter traditions in France.
The language in this book is quite advanced compared to some other P'tit Loup stories, so I would not look too closely at it with younger ones: I just make sure the children get the gist of the story. If however you have older children, you can select a page and do a series of things: give them a translation of it in English and do some parallel translation work; give them a partial translation (take words out) and get them to fill in the gaps; give them a translation with bits still in French which they have to put into English.

Topics or themes:
Easter in France, Pâques

Any grammar point that you want as the text is very rich

How much time required:
1 lesson

Click here for my favourite video explaining all about "les cloches"!

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