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Below are the books I know and recommend you use. There are now 4!

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I plan ahead which blogs I am going to write… but when it came to this preparing for this one I realised that I actually only owned one French story about Easter!

This is it; I wrote a blog about it in 2017 and you can read it it here: “L’âne Trotro: Zaza et les œufs de Pâques”.
You can buy it here at Little Linguist.

So I had to ask for a little help from my friends…
“T’choupi cherche les œufs de Pâques” was recommended by Debbie Lomax and backed by Lesley Witty in the amazingly supportive group Facebook group “Languages in Primary Schools”. You can buy it here at Little Linguist and now can read my blog on it here!

Also Katie Spicer from the same group recommended from the “Les puces” website here a bilingual book called “Le printemps”. I bought it and can confirm that it is lovely!

New blog in 2020: P’tit Loup fête Pâques. Click here to find out more about in in my video and blog!

Which books do you read around Easter? Please let me know and I will be happy to add to this short list!

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Merci !