Remembrance Day – l’Armistice

Thank you so much to all that have contributed on this topic in the Facebook group Languages in Primary School. Please let me know which resources were yours so I can give you credit for them as I gathered them over time to use myself then thought I might as well share them with you all through this blog post!

Below is what I am planning to use with my French classes; the aim is to put together a wreath of poppies and cornflowers to commemorate the occasion.

  • show this Remembrance Day pdf (it was a presentation but too heavy and I have added explanations about the different flowers): Remembrance Day to print ; this one in French is also good (I had to lighten it too): armistice
  • show the beginning of the video kindly shared with ideas by the Primary Languages Network
  • get the children to imagine they were one of the people from the film and write in French or English, in a white circle, a name, imaginary age and where they might have lived; they could use their own names to make it more personal.
  • cut out poppies and cornflowers out of cardboard as shown in this picture below by Emma Roberts; the white circles with names etc can go in the middle of the flowers.

Remembrance Day - l'Armistice

Remembrance Day - l'Armistice

This is what I am planning to use with my Spanish classes:

Remembrance Day - l'Armistice

I have a Y4 class interested in Austria so am going to use this with them: 

I will also use this as an opportunity to teach some basic German phrases!

If you are still looking for ideas, a fellow primary languages practitioner, Barbara, shared this blog which is excellent!

What will you be doing for the occasion? Please do share your ideas below too!


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  1. Sarah Quilliam

    Thank you. This really clarified my thoughts about my lessons which were previously all scrambled.

    • Nathalie

      You’re very welcome. I am so glad it has helped. It clarified them for me too!

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