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Please find here Nathalie Paris Authentic texts how they can help you cover the programmes of study at KS2 and 3 (1) my presentation at ALL’s Language World 2016 in Rugby as well as some ideas of how books can help you address all areas of the Programmes of Study at KS2 and KS3. Pick one area you would like to cover, check out my PDF here Acitivities and elements the PoS addressed for suggested activities, pick a book and enjoy! Here are suggestions of the ares the activities address: Activities and elements the PoS addressed possible answers KS2 Acitivities and elements the PoS addressed possible answers KS3. If you would like help choosing a book please get in touch, I will be happy to help!

Now that #LW2016 has taken place… I’d like to say what a fantastic time I had, from start to finish!! I enjoyed spending my time with like-minded people, lovers of languages who are keen to learn all the time in their best interest and that of their pupils! I met so many genuinely lovely people and got so much out of it, as ever!

Please find below as promised my colour-coded programmes of study; I hope they help some of you too. Please keep in touch!