As the parent of 2 children who lost their father aged 6 and 9, I do not make much of a fuss around Fathers’ Day (I do not around Mothers’ Day either to be honest!). However if you want to look at stories with interesting father figures in them, here are my favourite!
Extra: for a poem in French (which you can adapt) with a simple video you can use, click here.

  • « Papa Poule », Jean Leroy & Giulia Bruel, chez l’école des loisirs

This is the story of a hen who looks for somewhere quiet to lay her egg… will she get her new chick a doting father on the way ? It shows that families, for all sorts of reasons, come in all shapes and forms!
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  • « Le papa qui avait 10 enfants », Bénédicte Guettier, chez Casterman

After the success of the original story of this single father with his 10 children, there is now a whole series of books telling their adventures. This is by the same lovely author as “Je m’habille… et je te croque” and the “Trotro” books (discover them here). A beautiful book not to miss!!
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  • « Petit ours brun veut une histoire », Danièle Bour, chez Bayard Jeunesse

Petit Ours Brun is more of a traditional character; this story is very sweet. What is not to like about a little bear wanting his dad to read a story to him? They enjoy it together and Petit Ours Brun asks for his dad to read it again at the end of course!
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  • “Mon petit coeur”, Antonin Louchard, seuil jeunesse

This book is like a “déclaration d’amour”, a declaration of love, most likely by a parent to their child… hence the reason why I include it in this blog!
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What is your favourite story to use around Fathers’ Day? Please tell me in the comments box!
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