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Un Noël pour le loup

Thank you so much to Serena Dawson for bringing this beautiful book to my attention last year in the Facebook group Languages in Primary Schools, also known as LiPS. I do not normally buy a book which I have not actually seen... but am glad I did for this one! You can watch an introduction…
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Books by Orianne Lallemand

You probably know Orianne Lallemand's name thanks to the "Le loup qui..." series of picture books; you can find out more about them and how I suggest you can exploit them here. Orianne has written other picture books too. I personally love her "Petite Taupe" series which she has put together with the illustrator Claire…
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Books by Mario Ramos

The 7th of November every year is Mario Ramos day... Any excuse to share his amazing picture books! "Maman!", Mario Ramos - for all ages (blog to come) The clue is in the title... and nearly the only word of the story!! A classic book to have a giggle but also to practise numbers up…
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Pipí caca

The first time I actually used this story it was because it was in my bag and when I arrived at school... let's just say there was a big change of plan... so I improvised with "Pipí caca" to give myself time to think! It was the 1st day back after the summer break so…
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