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Linguascope Webinar 2020

"You can teach (nearly) anything with a picture book!" - click here for my presentation and notes. If you attended live, I can only apologise for the poor quality of my internet connection. I think it could not cope with the number of you lovely people giving up your time to try to learn! StĂ©phane…
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FutureLearn Course about primary languages

The exact title, which I felt was a bit long for my title haha, is: "Teaching languages in primary schools: putting research into practice." (click here to access the course - as long as it is available) I have been teaching primary languages for over 16 years - as my main job for nearly 6…
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French picture books with BAME characters in them

Ruth Magee, in the supportive Facebook group "Languages in Primary Schools", challenged me to put a blog together about books by BAME authors or featuring BAME characters, for use in the primary French classroom. This is as far as I have got so far... I am ashamed to say that, when I checked, the only…
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Live in the “Languages in Primary Schools” group

Thank you so much to everyone who watched me live in the group or afterwards! It was better than talking to myself haha! Please click on the links below - everything is FREE: to find out about the Facebook group; for the Primary French Project; for an example of the BBC Bitesike French programmes, for…
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