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EDOL 2019

European Day of Languages 2019 will be upon us soon! You will most certainly want to take part in this competition run by ALL NE: European Day of Languages 2019 final. One year a Y5 pupil of mine won a £50 high street voucher. She was very proud and it was in the papers! Your…
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EDOL 2018

Once again this year I applied for a £75 grant through Europe Direct Durham and this is what I am planning to do: Activities paid for by Europe Direct Durham grant There is a very comprehensive document about useful phrases on the phone which I have come across and you may want to choose from: SAVOIR-TELEPHONER.…
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EDoL 2017

I wanted to share with you the ALL NE's annual competition in which my pupils and I took part. You can open the details here: it was all about Martin Luther King Jr and our pupils' dreams, very inspiring! You obviously can't take part in the competition anymore but you most certainly will enjoy it as an activity. To…
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EDoL 2015

I based my activities for EDoL that year around a lot of the free resources you can get which are published by the European Commission. You can find a link to how to get those resources (whilst they last!) here alongside some other carefully selected links. If you own class sets of the booklets below please check out our related resources here ! If…
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